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Cake, beer, blackjack and bands: St. Agnes Carnival starts Friday

Agnes The St. Agnes Carnival is the annual fundraiser for the Highlands’ St. Agnes Parish , and it’s one of the best and biggest church picnics in town — save for that little one in August that goes by the name of St. Joe’s. It takes about 1,000 volunteers to keep the beer flowing, the rides running and the blackjack tables turning over hour to hour. And this year’s fest will be even bigger than ever, as it takes over the church grounds on Friday and Saturday, July 20-21. Along with the usual suspects of food and beer vendors, carnival rides, gambling tables and a cake walk, the event features two nights of free live music. Playing Friday night are RUOK? (5:30 p.m.), the venerable Nervous Melvin & The Mistakes (8 p.m.) and Bleu Phonque with Johnny Edwards (10:30 p.m.). And on Saturday, it’s The Vinyl Kings (5 p.m.), Johnny Doughnut Experience (7:30 p.m.) and Doc Rock & The Test Tubes (10 p.m.).

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