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No. 1 Vanderbilt Lincicome typically jots down notes after each shot. She asked her caddie Missy Pederson if she should write long or bladed in her notebook. The pair broke down laughing. Lincicome then proceeded to drain the lengthy par putt. For as much as she comes off as this laid-back character shes very competitive said Pederson. Lincicome, 31, is typically oblivious to how she stands on the golf course. She rattled off four birdies in five holes on the front nine and capped it off with an eagle on the par-5 seventh, making the turn in 30. It wasnt สโบเบท อนไลน์ until she saw a scoreboard on the 18th green that Lincicome realized she had a chance to get to 10 under. She got ahead of herself and walked away with par to shoot 9 under.

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... This ban will ruin our lives. Thank you Mr. President. Are you making America great by hurting innocent people?" Some people planning U.S. travel said the curbs would harm their careers. Others feared for the safety of their families. "HUMILIATING INSULT" In Baghdad, Bayan Adil, a doctor working in the Iraqi Health Ministry who applied for a U.S. visa to attend a medical seminar, said Iraqi academics should visit Europe instead of the United States, where they were no longer welcome.

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